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Name:Cullen Row
Location:Gotham City, New York, United States of America

A Gotham City native, Cullen Row's mother was the victim of a brutal murder, one which caused quite the scandal for its time and made all the papers. He was raised, for awhile, but his abusive father who liked to break things - including Cullen and his older sister Harper. As soon as Harper was able to, she declared emancipation, took Cullen, and moved to the Narrows, where she could work as an electrician and try to give Cullen some semblance of a safe life.

Cullen formed a very deep bond with his sister and became the youngest editor ever at a literary magazined called "Larynx." Though he excelled here, he was also bullied at school for being openly gay. This culminated, one night, in an attack at his home by some bullies, where they beat him up and shaved the word "Fag" into the back of his hair. When Harper came home to see her brother in that state, she took a pair of clippers and did the same to herself in a show of solidarity.

A few days later, after school, the same group of bullies followed the two as they returned home. Cornering them in an ally, Harper stunned one of the with a taser, but this was useless as more of the bullies' friends. They were saved by the arrival of Batman. As a way to repay him, Cullen said that he wanted to get a bat symbol tattoo in his honor.

Though abused by his father, when Cullen finds out that his father has been put in Blackgate Penitentiary, he insists on visiting him, despite Harper's better judgment. They go, only for Cullen to be insulted by his father. Though he promised Harper that he wouldn't see his father again, they both knew it was a lie. Unlike Harper, Cullen still harbored hope that his father would change and be the father that he was always supposed to be.

Sometime later, Cullen was infected by a nanobot virus that sent him into a coma. Hospitalized, Harper watched over him while trying to help Batman and his allies. Eventually, she was able to help cure Cullen, who returned home with her. Though he hasn't yet picked up a costume the way his sister has, due to his closeness to her, he has become her home base of sorts, attempting to entertain Stephanie Brown when she's brought to their apartment, and stepping in to break up a fight between the two young women.

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